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Production Studies, The Sequel!

Cultural Studies of Global Media Industries

Authors: Miranda Banks, Bridget Conor, Vicki Mayer Publisher: Taylor and Francis Publication date: 2015 Publication language: Angielski Number of pages: 306 Publication formats: EAN: 9781317567110 DOI: 10.4324/9781315736471 ISBN: 9781317567110 Category: Media, information & communication industries Publisher's index: 9781315736471 Bibliographic note: -


Production Studies, The Sequel! is an exciting exploration of the experiences of media workers in local, global, and digital communities—from prop-masters in Germany, Chinese film auteurs, producers of children’s television in Qatar, Italian radio broadcasters, filmmakers in Ethiopia and Nigeria, to seemingly-autonomous Twitterbots. Case studies examine international production cultures across five continents and incorporate a range of media, including film, television, music, social media, promotional media, video games, publishing and public broadcasting.

Using the lens of cultural studies to examine media production, Production Studies, The Sequel! takes into account transnational production flows and places production studies in conversation with other major areas of media scholarship including audience studies, media industries, and media history. A follow-up to the successful Production Studies, this collection highlights new and important research in the field, and promises to generate continued discussion about the past, present, and future of production studies.


  • Cover 2
  • Title 5
  • Copyright 6
  • Preface 11
  • Note from the Cover Artist: “Changing the Guard: From ‘Semper Fi Panavision’ to ‘Insurgent Crowd-Sourcing’ ” 19
  • I. Tools of the Trade 23
    • 1 I Like My Bots Like I Like My People: Weird, Mixed, Always Acting 25
    • 2 Performance, Labor, and Stardom in the Era of the Synthespian 33
    • 3 How Global Is Hollywood? Division of Labor from a Prop-Making Perspective 45
  • II. Being the Brand 59
    • 4 Working the Booth: Promotional Models and the Value of Affective Labor 61
    • 5 From Broadcast Design to ‘On-Brand TV’: Repositioning Expertise in the Promotional Screen Industries 68
    • 6 Pop Stars Perform ‘Gay’ for the Male Gaze: The Production of Fauxmosexuality in Female Popular Music Performances and Its Repr 81
  • III. Production Pedagogies 95
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