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Materials in Environmental Engineering

Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Conference on Materials Science and Environmental Engineering

Authors: Hadi Haeri Publisher: De Gruyter Publication date: 2017 Publication language: Angielski Number of pages: 1406 Publication formats: EAN: 9783110516623 ISBN: 9783110516623 Category: Clinical & internal medicine The environment Materials science Environmental science, engineering & technology Publisher's index: - Bibliographic note: -


This contains selected and peer-reviewed papers from the 4th Annual International Conference on Material Science and Environmental Engineering (MSEE), December 16-18 2016, in Chengdu, China. Interactions of building materials, biomaterials, energy materials and nanomaterials with surrounding environment are discussed. With abundant case studies, it is of interests to material scientists and environmental engineers.


  • Keynote Speech I. Strategies for Improving Hydropower Development 6
  • Keynote Speech II. Biotemplated Mesoporous Materials for Wastewater Treatments 8
  • Keynote Speech III. Design of Hard and Superhard Nanocomposites for Harsh Environment 10
  • Keynote Speech IV. Numerical Simulation of Slag Corrosion Behavior of Lightweight Refractories for Refining Ladles 12
  • Keynote Speech V. Precision Plastic Forming of Large Complex Component of Ti-Alloy 14
  • Study about the Landslide Deformation Forecast Model Based on Kalman Filter Method and Taylor Seris and Material Properties 16
  • Effects of Machining Process and Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of TB2 Titanium Alloy Strip 26
  • Study on Compound Characteristics of Oleic Acid, Glycerol and Organic Ester in Grinding Fluid 34
  • Novel Room-Temperature Molten Salt Based on Chlorine Chloride with Hydrogen Bond Donors 42
  • Study on Organic Modification of Aluminum Powder Coating 50
  • Study on Material of Exothermic Insulation Riser Sleeve 60
  • The Efficiency Calculation of Cobalt Oxide for Artificial Photosynthesis with Exponential- Doping 70
  • Microscale Hierarchical Three-Dimensional Flowerlike CuO: Synthesis, Characterization, and its Supernormal Photocatalytic Activi 82
  • The Distribution Behavior of Phosphorus at Non-Equilibrium Condition Simulating the Casting Ladle 92
  • Effects of Zr Addition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AlCoCrFeNiZr<sub>x</sub> High-Entropy Alloys 102
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