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Dictionnaire onomasiologique de l’ancien gascon (DAG). Fascicule 21

Authors: Nicoline Winkler, Tiana Shabafrouz Publisher: De Gruyter Publication date: 2019 Publication language: Francuski Number of pages: 80 Publication formats: EAN: 9783110667646 ISBN: 9783110667646 Category: linguistics Historical & comparative linguistics Publisher's index: - Bibliographic note: -


The DAG is the first onomasiological dictionary of Old Gascon. It covers the period from the earliest extant documents to the 17th century, taking into account all relevant idioms and sources (incl. medieval Latin and regional French). From fascicle 12 onwards the dictionary is published with a new, clearer article structure that provides more scope for semantic description and the presentation of idioms and contexts.