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International Marketing

Cases form Malaysia

Authors: Sieh Lee Mei Ling Publisher: ISEAS Publishing Publication date: 2018 Publication language: Angielski Number of pages: 111 Publication formats: EAN: 9789814379045 ISBN: 9789814379045 Category: Political economy Publisher's index: - Bibliographic note: -



  • Contents 8
  • Preface 12
  • Case 1. Sin Fatt Frozen Foods Sdno Bhdo (Part I): Pricing for International Markets 14
  • Case 2. Sin Fatt Frozen Foods Sdno Bhdo (Part II): Anticipating Sans by Importing Countries 20
  • Case 3. Seri Chempaka Sdno Bhdo: Exporting to Absorb Excess Capacity 24
  • Case 4. Sleek Cane Sdno Bhdo (Part 1): Strengthening International Marketing Activities Through Expansion 38
  • Case 5. Sleek Cane Sdno Bhdo (Part II): Segmenting the Target Market in Canada 60
  • Case 6. Sleek Cane Sdno Bhdo (Part III): Hedging Against International Financial Risks 68
  • Case 7. Sedap (Malaysia) Sdno Bhdo (Part I): Improving the Product of an Overseas Subsidiary 74
  • Case 8. Sedap (Malaysia) Sdno Bhdo (Part II): Positioning and Promoting Internationally 90
  • Case 9. Anggerik Sdno Bhdo (Part I): Analysing Decline in Export Sales 92
  • Case 10. Anggerik Sdno Bhdo (Part II): Planning for New International Distribution Strategy 102