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Sidelights on Greek Antiquity

Archaeological and Epigraphical Essays in Honour of Vasileios Petrakos

Authors: Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos, Dora Vassilikou, Michalis Tiverios Publisher: De Gruyter Publication date: 2021 Publication language: Angielski Number of pages: 598 Publication formats: EAN: 9783110699326 ISBN: 9783110699326 Category: Classical texts Ancient history: to c 500 CE Classical history / classical civilisation Medieval history Classical Greek & Roman archaeology Publisher's index: - Bibliographic note: -


Nineteen contributions by eminent scholars cover topics in Greek Epigraphy, Ancient History, Archaeology, and the Historiography of Archaeology. The section on Epigraphy and Ancient History has a particular focus on Attica, whereas material from Eretria, Delphi, the Argolid, Aetolia, Macedonia, Samothrace, and Aphrodisias widens the picture. The section on Archaeology discusses cultural variation as well as matters of cult, myth, and style, especially in Attica, from the Chalcolithic to the Roman period. The final section on the History of Archaeology reviews the early history of archaeological research at sites such as Piraeus, Rhamnous, Marathon, Oropos, Pylos, and Eretria, based on unpublished archival sources as well as on preliminary sketches and architectural drawings by 19th century artists.


  • Preface 6
  • Contents 12
  • List of Figures 14
  • Tabula Gratulatoria 20
  • Vasileios Petrakos: A Life Dedicated to the Service of Greek Archaeology 24
  • Part I: Epigraphy and Ancient History 82
  • Thucydides, Historical Geography and the ‘Lost Years’ of Perdikkas II 82
  • Athens, Samothrace, and the Mysteria of the Samothracian Great Gods 96
  • De quelques épitaphes d’étrangers et d’étrangères au Musée d’Érétrie 124
  • Φυτωνυμικά τοπωνύμια Κωμών της Αργολίδος 182
  • Le recours à l’arbitrage privé dans les actes d’affranchissement delphiques 196
  • Προξενικό ψήφισμα από την Αιτωλία 216
  • Women’s Religion in Hellenistic Athens 224
  • Notes on Athenian Decrees in the Later Hellenistic Period 238
  • “Those Who Jointly Built the City” 258
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