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Energy Atlas Working Report 1

Future Concept Renewable Wilhelmsburg

Authors: IBA Hamburg GmbH, Umweltbundesamt, TU Darmstadt Publisher: JOVIS Publication date: 2015 Publication language: Angielski Number of pages: 228 Publication formats: EAN: 9783868593495 ISBN: 9783868593495 Category: Architecture Publisher's index: - Bibliographic note: -


Based on the example of the Hamburg district of Wilhelmsburg, this book presents a strategic approach to the energy conversion of a district, which aims to be almost exclusively supplied by renewable and locally generated energy by 2050. For four years, this concept was applied practically as part of the International Building Exhibition Hamburg and now the first report is available. This volume, published by the IBA Hamburg GmbH, the Federal Environment Agency, and TU Darmstadt, sets the implementation and further development of the concept in the context of current discussions about the energy transition. Methods are reflected on against the background of nationwide experiences, and the social and economic viability of the whole scheme is examined critically. This analytical process culminates in suggestions for the ongoing development of the climate protection concept of Renewable Wilhelmsburg. The three editors present the necessary technical measures, as well as the social and political framework conditions for the forthcoming years.


  • Cover 2
  • Title Page 6
  • Contents 7
  • Working Report on the Renewable Wilhelmsburg Future Concept 9
  • The Renewable Wilhelmsburg Climate Protection Concept in the Context of Current Debates on the Energy Transition 16
    • Decentralised Energy Transition—Challenges for Cities 17
    • Embedding the Renewable Wilhelmsburg Climate Protection Concept within a National and International Framework 23
    • Heating Grids as the Backbone of a Sustainable Municipal Energy Policy 27
    • The Hamburg Heat Strategy 35
    • Wilhelmsburg in the Context of Smart Energy City Research 43
  • Methodical Bases of District Energy Concepts 52
    • Renewable Wilhelmsburg Climate Protection Concept 53
    • Energy-Focused Urban Regeneration Based on an Analysis of Urban Space Types 63
    • Renewable Energy Region—Around Lake Constance 71
  • “Process Culture of Renewable Wilhelmsburg”—Accompanying Investigations 78
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