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Aspects of Positivity in Functional Analysis

Authors: R. Nagel, U. Schlotterbeck, M.P.H. Wolff Publisher: Elsevier Science Publication date: 2011 Publication language: Angielski Number of pages: 293 Publication formats: EAN: 9780080872339 ISBN: 9780080872339 Category: Functional analysis & transforms Kolekcja specjalna: Rok matematyki 2019 Publisher's index: S0304-0208(08)X7102-6 Bibliographic note: -


The contributions collected in this volume exhibit the increasingly wide spectrum of applications of abstract order theory in analysis and show the possibilities of order-theoretical argumentation.

The following areas are discussed: potential theory, partial differential operators of second order, Schrodinger operators, theory of convexity, one-parameter semigroups, Lie algebras, Markov processes, operator-algebras, noncommutative integration and geometry of Banach spaces.


  • Front Cover 2
  • Aspects of Positivity in Functional Analysis 5
  • Copyright Page 6
  • Preface 9
  • Table of Contents 11
  • List of Participants 13
    • Chapter 1. Non-Linear Completely Positive Maps 19
    • Chapter 2. Generalizations of Self-adjointness to Banach Spaces 31
    • Chapter 3. Simplices in Potential Theory 43
    • Chapter 4. Spectral Properties of Some Second Order Elliptic Operators on LP-Spaces 57
    • Chapter 5. Asymptotics for Bounded Semigroups on Hilbert Space 65
    • Chapter 6. LP-Theory of Schrodinger Operators with a Singular Potential 79
    • Chapter 7. Theory and Applications of Superconvex Spaces 95
    • Chapter 8. On the Banach-Mazur Distance Between Spaces Having an Unconditional Basis 135
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