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The Medical Interview E-Book

The Three Function Approach

Authors: Steven A. Cole, Julian Bird Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences Publication date: 2013 Publication language: Angielski Number of pages: 339 Publication formats: EAN: 9780323279710 ISBN: 9780323279710 Category: Medicine Publisher's index: C2009-0-43182-9 Bibliographic note: -


The Medical Interview by Drs. Steven A. Cole and Julian Bird equips you to communicate effectively with your patients so you can provide optimal care! This best-selling, widely adopted resource presents a practical, systematic approach to honing your basic interviewing skills and managing common challenging communicating situations. Its Three-Function Approach – "Build the Relationship," "Assess and Understand," and Collaborative Management" offers straightforward tasks, behaviors, and skills that can be easily mastered, making this an ideal learning tool for beginners and a valuable reference for experienced healthcare professionals.

  • Effectively meet a full range of communication challenges including language and cultural barriers, sexual issues, elderly patients, breaking bad news, and non-adherence.


  • Front cover 2
  • Inside front cover 3
  • The Medical Interview 4
  • Copyright page 7
  • Dedication 8
  • Contributors 9
  • Foreword 11
  • Preface 14
    • What’s New? 14
    • Who is the Audience? 14
    • Why Use the Three Function Approach? 15
    • A Note on Language 15
    • References 16
  • Acknowledgments 17
    • References 18
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Author's affiliation

Steven A. Cole: Professor of Psychiatry, Emeritus; Stony Broo
Julian Bird: Lately Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry; Guy's,