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The Receptors

Volume II

Authors: P. Michael Conn Publisher: Elsevier Science Publication date: 2014 Publication language: Angielski Number of pages: 455 Publication formats: EAN: 9781483273686 ISBN: 9781483273686 Category: Biology, life sciences Publisher's index: 9781483273686 Bibliographic note: -


The Receptors, Volume II deals with receptors for somatostatin, vitamin D, insulin, and animal viruses, as well as for the ?2-adrenergic and Ah systems. The significance of translational modifications of receptor ligands is discussed, along with the mechanisms of receptor-ligand interactions. The role of receptors in development and their regulation by tumors are also considered.

Comprised of 12 chapters, this volume begins with a detailed account of the vitamin D receptor, paying particular attention to its biochemical and physical properties as well as its mechanism of action. The discussion then turns to experimental discrimination between alternative mechanistic models for the receptor-mediated stimulation of adenylate cyclase; the role of microaggregation in hormone-receptor-effector interactions; and the biology and biochemistry of the Ah receptor. Subsequent chapters explore the interactions of animal viruses with cell surface receptors; insulin receptors; determination of the size of neurotransmitter receptors by radiation inactivation-target size analysis; and protein glycosylation and receptor-ligand interactions.

This book will be a valuable resource for students and practitioners in fields ranging from cell biology and biochemistry to physiology, endocrinology, and pharmacology.


  • Front Cover 2
  • The Receptors 5
  • Copyright Page 6
  • Table of Contents 7
  • Contributors 13
  • Preface 15
  • Contents of Previous Volume 17
  • CHAPTER 1. The Vitamin D Receptor 21
    • I. Introduction 21
    • II. Discovery of the Receptor Proteins for 1,25-(OH)2D3 25
    • III. Biochemical and Physical Properties of the 1,25-(OH)2D3 Receptor 26
    • IV. Mechanism of Action of the 1,25-(OH)2D3 Receptor 32
    • V. Regulation of Receptor Number 38
    • VI. Purification of Chick Intestinal 1,25-(OH)2D3 Receptor 41
    • VII. Antibodies to Chick Intestinal 1,25-(OH)2D3 Receptor 45
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