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Biocomplexity of Plant-Fungal Interactions

Authors: Darlene Southworth Publisher: Wiley Publication date: 2011 Publication language: Angielski Number of pages: 247 Publication formats: EAN: 9781118314142 ISBN: 9781118314142 Category: Biology, life sciences Publisher's index: - Bibliographic note: -


Plants interact with a wide variety of organisms in their natural growing environments. Key amongst these relationships is the interplay between plants and diverse fungal species that impact plants in complex symbiotic, parasitic and pathogenic ways. Biocomplexity of Plant-Fungal Interactions explores a broad spectrum of research looking at both positive and negative interactions of these relationships on plants and their ecosystems.

Biocomplexity of Plant-Fungal Interactions takes a more holistic view of the plant-fungal interactions than most traditional volumes on the topic. Focusing on the truly complex biological interplay among plants and fungi, as well as other organisms—mammals, insects, bacteria, viruses, this book provides a unique perspective on this fundamentally important relationship. Chapters are written from molecular, evolutionary and ecological perspectives to provide readers with a full understanding of the diverse implications of plant-fungal interactions.

Written by a global team of experts from varied scientific backgrounds, Biocomplexity of Plant-Fungal Interactions will be an essential title for readers looking for a better understanding of the diverse array of interactions between plants and fungi in natural ecosystems.


  • Biocomplexity of Plant–Fungal Interactions 4
    • Contents 8
    • Contributors 10
    • Introduction 14
    • 1. Fungal Endophytes as a Driving Force in Land Plant Evolution: Evidence from the Fossil Record 18
    • 2. Molecular Interactions in Mycorrhizal Development 42
    • 3. Arbuscular Mycorrhizae and Grassland Ecosystems 72
    • 4. Mycorrhizal Networks and Seedling Establishment in Douglas-fir Forests 98
    • 5. Biology of Mycoheterotrophic and Mixotrophic Plants 122
    • 6. Fungi and Leaf Surfaces 144
    • 7. Fungal Influence on Plant Tolerance to Stress 168
    • 8. Fungi, Plants, and Pollinators: Sex, Disease, and Deception 178
    • 9. Dynamic Interplay in a Multivariate World: Case Studies in Mycorrhizal and Endophytic Fungal Interactions with Herbivores 198
    • 10. Defining Complex Interactions between Plants and Fungi 218
    • Index 228
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