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Phosphorus in the Enviroment

Its Chemistry and Biochemistry

Authors: Ruth Porter, David W. FitzSimons Publisher: Wiley Publication date: 2009 Publication language: Angielski Number of pages: 332 Publication formats: EAN: 9780470718070 ISBN: 9780470718070 Category: The environment Publisher's index: - Bibliographic note: -


The Novartis Foundation Series is a popular collection of the proceedings from Novartis Foundation Symposia, in which groups of leading scientists from a range of topics across biology, chemistry and medicine assembled to present papers and discuss results. The Novartis Foundation, originally known as the Ciba Foundation, is well known to scientists and clinicians around the world.


  • Phosphorus in the Environment: its chemistry and biochemistry 6
    • Contents 8
      • Phosphorus: a general introduction 14
      • Phosphorus and mankind’s problems today 18
        • Discussion 29
      • World resources of phosphorus 36
        • Discussion 57
      • Some economic and technical factors affecting use of phosphate raw materials 62
        • Discussion 77
      • Modern mankind’s influence on the natural cycles of phosphorus 88
        • Discussion 101
      • Phosphorus biochemistry 108
        • Discussion 121
      • The organic chemistry of phosphate transfer 130
        • Discussion 139
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