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Hannah Arendt

Politics, History and Citizenship

Authors: Phillip Hansen Publisher: Wiley Publication date: 2013 Publication language: Angielski Number of pages: 276 Publication formats: EAN: 9780745677361 ISBN: 9780745677361 Category: Social & political philosophy Publisher's index: - Bibliographic note: -


The new study provides a fresh and timely reassessment of the political philosophy of Hannah Arendt. While analysing the central themes of Arendt's work, Phillip Hansen also shows that her work makes a significant contribution to contemporary debates. Specifically, Hansen argues that Arendt provides a powerful account of what it means to think and act politically. This account can establish the grounds for a contemporary citizen rationality in the face of threat to a genuine politics.

Amoung other issues, Hansen discusses Arendt's conception of history and historical action; her account of politics and of the distinction between public and private; her analysis of totalitarianism as the most ominous form of 'false ' politics; and her treatment of revolution.

The book is a balanced and opportune reappraisal of Arendt's contributions to social and political theory. It will be welcomed by students and scholars in politics, sociology and philosophy.


  • Cover 2
  • Title Page 6
  • Copyright 7
  • Contents 8
  • Acknowledgements 10
  • Introduction 12
  • 1 History and the Decline of Politics 25
  • 2 Freedom, Action and Public Realm: Hannah Arendt’s Polis and the Foundations of a Genuine Politics 61
  • 3 The Public Realm under Siege: False Politics and the Modern Age 100
  • 4 Totalitarianism 140
  • 5 Revolution 181
  • 6 What is Thinking Politically? 206
  • Conclusion: Whither Political Theory? 229
  • Notes 242
  • Index 271
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Author's affiliation

Phillip Hansen: University of Regina, Canada