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Handbook of Media Economics, vol 1A

Authors: Simon P. Anderson, Joel Waldfogel, David Stromberg Publisher: Elsevier Science Publication date: 2016 Publication language: Angielski Number of pages: 563 Publication formats: EAN: 9780444627247 ISBN: 9780444627247 Category: Economics Media, information & communication industries Computing & information technology Media studies Publisher's index: C2012-0-02564-1 Bibliographic note: -


Handbook of Media Economics provides valuable information on a unique field that has its own theories, evidence, and policies. Understanding the media is important for society, and while new technologies are altering the media, they are also affecting our understanding of their economics.

The book spans the large scope of media economics, simultaneously offering in-depth analysis of particular topics, including the economics of why media are important, how media work (including financing sources, institutional settings, and regulation), what determines media content (including media bias), and the effects of new technologies. The book provides a powerful introduction for those interested in starting research in media economics.

  • Helps academic and non-academic economists understand recent rapid changes in theoretical and empirical advances, in structural empirical methods, and in the media industry's connection with the democratic process
  • Presents the only detailed summary of media economics that emphasizes political economy, merger policy, and competition policy
  • Pays special attention to the economic influences of the Internet, including developments in social media, user-generated content, and advertising, as well as the Internet's effects on newspapers, radio, and television


  • Front Cover 2
  • Handbook of Media Economics 5
  • Copyright 6
  • Introduction to the Series 7
  • Contents 9
  • Introduction 15
  • Contributors 19
  • Acknowledgment 21
  • Dedication 23
  • Part I: Media Market Structure and Performance 25
    • Chapter 1: Preference Externalities in Media Markets 27
      • 1.1. Introduction 28
      • 1.2. Fixed Costs and Heterogeneous Preferences 30
        • 1.2.1. Fixed Costs 30
        • 1.2.2. Preference Heterogeneity 31
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