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Teaching and Learning (Im)Politeness

Authors: Barbara Pizziconi, Miriam A. Locher Publisher: De Gruyter Publication date: 2015 Publication language: Angielski Number of pages: 280 Publication formats: EAN: 9781501501654 ISBN: 9781501501654 Category: Publisher's index: 9781501508424 Bibliographic note: -


This collection combines research from the field of (im)politeness studies with research on language pedagogy and language learning. It aims to engender a useful dialogue between (im)politeness theorists, language teachers, and SLA researchers, and also to broaden the enquiry to naturalistic contexts other than L2 acquisition classrooms, by formulating 'teaching' and 'learning' as processes of socialization, cultural transmission, and adaptation.


  • Acknowledgements 6
  • Table of contents 8
  • 1. Introducing the ‘teaching’ and ‘learning’ of (im)politeness 10
  • I. (Im)politeness in L2 instructional contexts 32
  • 2. Teaching politeness? 32
  • 3. Voices from the Japanese language classroom: Honorifics do far more than politeness 62
  • 4. (Im)politeness and L2 socialization: Using reactions from online fora to a world leader’s ‘impolite’ behavior 88
  • 5. Teaching and learning (im)politeness: A look at the CEFR and pedagogical research 122
  • II. ‘Teaching’ and ‘learning’ (about) (im)politeness in L1 and L2 164
  • 6. Paths to politeness: Exploring how professional interpreters develop an understanding of politeness norms in British Sign Lan 164
  • 7. “After all, the last thing I wanted to be was rude”: Raising of pragmatic awareness through reflective writing 194
  • 8. Children instructing kin and peers in politeness routines in Japanese 220
  • 9. Epilogue: Impoliteness in learning and teaching 256
  • Bionotes 264
  • Author index 268
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