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Leisure Marketing

Autorzy: Susan Horner, John Swarbrooke Wydawnictwo: Taylor and Francis Data wydania: 2012 Język publikacji: Angielski Liczba stron: 425 Formaty publikacji: EAN: 9781136387869 DOI: 10.4324/9780080478937 ISBN: 9781136387869 Kategoria: Lifestyle, sport & leisure Indeks wydawcy: 9780080478937 Nota bibliograficzna: -


Divided into nine parts, Leisure Marketing: a global perspective guides the reader through leisure and marketing concepts, the marketing mix, key issues in different sectors, topical issues (such as globalisation, marketing research and ethics, for example branding and environmental issues), and the future of leisure marketing.

A section of the book is devoted entirely to international case studies, which illustrate and highlight key themes and issues raised throughout in order to facilitate learning. Example of international cases used are:

  • Disneyland Resort, Paris: The Marketing Mix

  • Manchester United Football Club: Marketing the Brand

  • The Growth of the Online Retail Travel Market

  • Hilton Head Island, USA: The Leisure Island for Golf and Leisure Shopping

  • Health, Leisure and Tourism Marketing including Spa Hotels, Health Clubs and lake Resorts.

This book combines real world experience with a solid theoretical framework. It is essential reading for anyone studying, teaching or working in marketing in the leisure industry.

Spis treści

  • Cover 2
  • Leisure Marketing A Global Perspective 5
  • Copyright 6
  • Contents 7
  • Preface 11
  • Part One Introduction 15
    • Introduction 17
    • CHAPTER 1 What is marketing? 19
    • CHAPTER 2 What is leisure? 35
  • Part Two The international dimension 43
    • Introduction 45
    • CHAPTER 3 The international market 47
    • CHAPTER 4 The international leisure industry 59
    • CHAPTER 5 The international business environment 66
  • Part Three The marketing mix and leisure 91
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