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Greek and Roman Religions

Autorzy: Rebecca I. Denova Wydawnictwo: Wiley Data wydania: 2018 Język publikacji: Angielski Liczba stron: 334 Formaty publikacji: EAN: 9781118542774 ISBN: 9781118542774 Kategoria: History Indeks wydawcy: - Nota bibliograficzna: -


Offers an introduction to the basic beliefs, practices, and major deities of Greek and Roman religions

A volume in the Blackwell Ancient Religions, Greek and Roman Religions offers an authoritative overview of the region’s ancient religious practices. The author—a noted expert in the field—explores the presence of divinity in all aspects of ancient life and highlights the origins of myth, religious authority, institutions, beliefs, rituals, sacred texts, and ethics.  Comprehensive in scope, the text focuses on myriad aspects that constitute Greco-Roman culture such as economic class, honor and shame, and slavery as well as the religious role of each member of the family. The integration of ethnic and community identity with divine elements are highlighted in descriptions of religious festivals.

Greek and Roman Religions presents the evolution of ideas concerning death and the afterlife and the relation of death to concepts of ultimate justice. The author also offers insight into the elements of ancient religions that remain important in our contemporary quest for meaning. This vital text:

  • Offers a comprehensive review of ancient Greek and Roman religions and their institutions, beliefs, rituals, and more
  • Examines how the Roman culture and religions borrowed from the Greek traditions
  • Explores the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean Basin
  • Contains suggestions at the end of each chapter for further reading that include both traditional studies and more recent examinations of topical issues

Written for students of ancient religions and religious studies, this important resource provides an overview of the ancient culture and history of the general region as well as the basic background of Greek and Roman civilizations. 

Spis treści

  • Title Page 6
  • Copyright Page 7
  • Contents 10
  • Preface 12
  • Chapter I Living with the Divine 16
    • The Modern Study of Religion 18
    • Culture and Race 20
    • Cults 20
    • Polytheism and Monotheism 21
    • Too Many Gods? 21
    • Toleration and Religious Pluralism 22
    • Paganism 23
    • Basic Features of Greco‐Roman Religions 24
    • Myths and Sacred Stories 25
    • Acts of Worship 31
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Rebecca I. Denova: University of Pittsburgh