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The Wiley Handbook of Developmental Psychopathology

Autorzy: Luna C. Centifanti, David M. Williams Wydawnictwo: Wiley Data wydania: 2017 Język publikacji: Angielski Liczba stron: 559 Formaty publikacji: EAN: 9781118554548 ISBN: 9781118554548 Kategoria: Indeks wydawcy: - Nota bibliograficzna: -


The Wiley Handbook of Developmental Psychopathology offers a concise, up-to-date, and international overview of the study of developmental psychopathology.

  • Examines the cognitive, neurobiological, genetic, and environmental influences on normal and abnormal development across the lifespan
  • Incorporates methodology, theory, and the latest empirical research in a discussion of modern techniques for studying developmental psychopathology
  • Considers the legal, societal, and policy impacts of changes to diagnostic categories in the light of the transition to DSM-5
  • Moves beyond a disorder-based discussion to address issues that cut across diagnostic categories

Spis treści

  • Title Page 6
  • Copyright Page 7
  • Contents 8
  • List of Contributors 12
  • Section I Developmental Psychopathology: An up-to-date Historical and Methodological Overview 16
  • Part 1 Methods for Studying Developmental Psychopathology 18
    • Chapter 1 Developmental Trajectories of Psychopathology: An Overview of Approaches and Applications 20
      • Introduction 20
      • Overview of the Approaches 21
      • Examples of Applications 26
      • Methodological Considerations 32
      • Conclusions 37
      • References 38
      • Acknowledgments 38
    • Chapter 2 Family-based Quasi-experimental Designs for Studying Environmental Risk Factors 44
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