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Home Buying Kit For Dummies

Autorzy: Eric Tyson, Ray Brown Wydawnictwo: Wiley Data wydania: 2016 Język publikacji: Angielski Liczba stron: 435 Formaty publikacji: EAN: 9781119191728 ISBN: 9781119191728 Kategoria: Business & management Indeks wydawcy: - Nota bibliograficzna: -


America's #1 bestselling home buying guide

Are you looking to buy a house, but don't quite know where to begin? Have no fear! This new edition of Home Buying Kit For Dummies arms you with Eric Tyson and Ray Brown's time-tested advice and strategies for buying a home in current market conditions. Packed with valuable tips for getting the best deal on your new home and navigating an ever-changing housing market, it shows you how to find the right property, make smart financial decisions, and understand the latest lending requirements and tax implications.

Thanks to looser lending standards, lower down payment mortgages, and a wider selection of homes to choose from, first-time homebuyers are making a comeback in the housing market. But if you don't know a Colonial from a counter offer, the process of buying a home can be daunting. Luckily, this bestselling guide is here to take the confusion out of the process! In plain English, it provides step-by-step guidance for buying the home of your dreams, from inspecting a property to evaluating a location to making sense of loan applications, tax documents, and counter offer forms.

  • Negotiate your best deal and obtain a lower down payment mortgage
  • Improve your credit score
  • Make sense of changing lending standards
  • Take the confusion out of lending laws, mortgage rates, and marketplace conditions

Whether you're a renter, investor, or current homeowner, everything you need to plant roots in a new home sweet home is just a page away.

Spis treści

  • Title Page 10
  • Copyright Page 11
  • Table of Contents 14
  • Introduction 22
    • About This Book: The Eric Tyson/ Ray Brown Difference 22
    • Icons Used in This Book 23
    • Beyond the Book 24
    • Where to Go from Here 25
  • Part I Getting Started with Buying a Home 26
    • Chapter 1 Deciding Whether to Buy 28
      • Weighing the Advantages of Owning versus Renting 29
        • Ownership advantages 30
        • Renting advantages 35
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