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Vulnerability Assessment of Physical Protection Systems

Autorzy: Mary Lynn Garcia Wydawnictwo: Elsevier Science Data wydania: 2005 Język publikacji: Angielski Liczba stron: 399 Formaty publikacji: EAN: 9780080481678 ISBN: 9780080481678 Kategoria: Technology, engineering, agriculture Causes & prevention of crime Indeks wydawcy: C2009-0-04395-5 Nota bibliograficzna: Ms. Garcia is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Labs. She has over 20 years experience in Science and Engineering research, development, application, teaching, and project management experience of security systems and technology. She has been a certified Protection Professional since 1997.


Vulnerability Assessment of Physical Protection Systems guides the reader through the topic of physical security with a unique, detailed and scientific approach. The book describes the entire vulnerability assessment (VA) process, from the start of planning through final analysis and out brief to senior management. It draws heavily on the principles introduced in the author’s best-selling Design and Evaluation of Physical Protection Systems and allows readers to apply those principles and conduct a VA that is aligned with system objectives and achievable with existing budget and personnel resources.

The text covers the full spectrum of a VA, including negotiating tasks with the customer; project management and planning of the VA; team membership; and step-by-step details for performing the VA, data collection and analysis. It also provides important notes on how to use the VA to suggest design improvements and generate multiple design options. The text ends with a discussion of how to out brief the results to senior management in order to gain their support and demonstrate the return on investment of their security dollar. Several new tools are introduced to help readers organize and use the information at their sites and allow them to mix the physical protection system with other risk management measures to reduce risk to an acceptable level at an affordable cost and with the least operational impact.

This book will be of interest to physical security professionals, security managers, security students and professionals, and government officials.

  • Guides the reader through the topic of physical security doing so with a unique, detailed and scientific approach
  • Takes the reader from beginning to end and step-by-step through a Vulnerability Assessment
  • Over 150 figures and tables to illustrate key concepts

Spis treści

  • Front cover 2
  • Title page 5
  • Copyright page 6
  • Table of contents 9
  • Preface 17
  • CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment 19
    • Risk Management and Vulnerability Assessment 20
      • Risk Assessment and the Vulnerability Assessment Process 22
      • Statistics and Quantitative Analysis 24
    • Vulnerability Assessment Process Overview 26
      • Planning the Vulnerability Assessment 28
        • Project Management 28
        • Project Kick-Off Meetings 29
        • Establish the Vulnerability Assessment Team 29
      • Protection Objectives 30
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Afiljacja autora

Mary Lynn Garcia: Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM