For libraries

a platform with the resources of the leading Polish and foreign publishers

eContenta is a new online resource platform, where users may find all kinds of academic content – including their own (previously uploaded) documents. Our publications are carefully selected based on the usage reports from the largest academic libraries in Poland.

Here you will find:

  • e-books
  • journal articles
  • reports
  • conference proceedings
  • lectures, teaching notes and scripts.

Librarians are invited to take advantage of our convenient management system to:

  • select thematic range of the publications viewed by their users
  • search and filter the search results using a system of intuitive and sophisticated facets
  • purchase, subscribe and lend out publications
  • manage their users’ requests
  • customize the view of the eContenta website to include institutional logo and customized search facets

a space for the scholarly research and academic teaching

eContenta offers sophisticated tools to personalize and manage your workspace, e-learning tools, forum for group discussions of texts.

  • Reading tools
    • Read online, using all our tools and reading aids or off-line (ACS)
    • Mark and annotate: create your own notes to text and mark relevant passages
    • Search fulltext: find easily anything you need within a text and sort results by page number or relevance
    • Look up: User menu turning each word in the text into a gateway
  • Organizing your workspace
    • Organize: sophisticated structure of user's saved resources (bookshelf), allowing convenient organization of data (tree structure)
    • Customize: add your own descriptions to your catalogs or publications saved to your bookshelf
    • Use tags: to organize notes, bookmarks and whole publications through keywords
    • Cite: in one of the academic styles or fully customized format
    • Create a quick bibliography: using convenient citation tools providing full bibliographic information (customizable styles)
    • Print or copy: text (within the limits of DRM / copyright restrictions)
    • Import: your own resources (for personal use or use within his/her institution)
    • Export: your comments and marked passages to use in your documents
  • Collaboration
    • Share: make available one of your catalogues to your friends - and decide for how long they should have access
    • Share your notes and markings: sharing your annotations with your friends or groups of users can spark up interesting discussions
    • Discuss: use our in-the-text forum tools to respond to the comments of other readers
    • Review and recommend: Recommend the book to other users of your institution, rate a publication or write a review
  • e-learning
    • Create your own e-learning course and write your syllabus
    • Choose publications for each class, add your comments and select page ranges
    • Make your own custom-made publication by putting together sections of existing resources and adding your own content
    • Make it available to individual users or user groups
    • Use our collaboration tools to discuss texts with your students
    • Monitor students' progress and communicate with them

a way to increase discoverability of your resources

The content that is available on the platform may be supplemented by institutional resources.

  • Upload institutional resources to the platform
  • Digitalize institutional print resources
  • Integrate institutional repository with publishers’ resources available on eContenta

Control access to institutional resources – make them available to outside users, or limit access to members of your institution.