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Publishers' resources and institutional repository - in one

eContenta is a new resource platform, combining publications of the leading Polish and foreign publishers and institutional repositories, thus creating a space for the scholarly research and academic teaching.

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Beyond online library

We cordially invite Publishers to participate in eContenta project. Our publishers enjoy full control over the purchase process, business model and reader’s rights. Our special tools and services and structured system of marketing and promotion helps publishers find their ideal users - in academic institutions, research and development sector or in corporations and industry.

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Online library and workspace

eContenta offers sophisticated tools to personalize and manage your workspace, and a forum for group discussions of texts. Here reading and preparing for your classes is enhanced by special study aids and lecture notes from your teachers.

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e-learning enriched by academic publishers' resources

Academic lectures can take advantage of our e-learning system to organize, prepare and teach their courses, using the publications already available on the platform and adding their own resources and lecture notes.

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Company documents and scientific content - side by side

eContenta is a platform and repository system for hosting documents, reports, publications and use them within company. Here we will also find relevant publishers' resources. We cordially invite Corporate customers to participate in eContenta project.

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European funding

Our project is co-funded by the European Union from the European Structural Fund.


eContenta launched...

Publications from Polish and international publishers all in one place - eContenta is your academic space!

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