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The Greek Polis and the Invention of Democracy

A Politico-cultural Transformation and Its Interpretations

Autorzy: Johann P. Arnason, Kurt A. Raaflaub, Peter Wagner Wydawnictwo: Wiley Data wydania: 2013 Język publikacji: Angielski Liczba stron: 412 Formaty publikacji: EAN: 9781118561607 ISBN: 9781118561607 Kategoria: Indeks wydawcy: - Nota bibliograficzna: -


The Greek Polis and the Invention of Democracy presents a series of essays that trace the Greeks’ path to democracy and examine the connection between the Greek polis as a citizen state and democracy as well as the interaction between democracy and various forms of cultural expression from a comparative historical perspective and with special attention to the place of Greek democracy in political thought and debates about democracy throughout the centuries.

  • Presents an original combination of a close synchronic and long diachronic examination of the Greek polis - city-states that gave rise to the first democratic system of government
  • Offers a detailed study of the close interactionbetween democracy, society, and the arts in ancient Greece
  • Places the invention of democracy in fifth-century bce Athens both in its broad social and cultural context and in the context of the re-emergence of democracy in the modern world
  • Reveals the role Greek democracy played in the political and intellectual traditions that shaped modern democracy, and in the debates about democracy in modern social, political, and philosophical thought
  • Written collaboratively by an international team of leading scholars in classics, ancient history, sociology, and political science

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  • The Greek Polis and the Invention of Democracy: A Politico-cultural Transformation and Its Interpretations 6
    • Copyright 7
    • Contents 8
    • Series Editor’s Preface 10
    • Contributors 11
    • Introduction 14
      • Acknowledgments 30
      • References 30
    • PART I The Greek Experience in Long-term Perspective 32
      • 1 Exploring the Greek Needle’s Eye: Civilizational and Political Transformations 34
        • Intercivilizational Connections 35
        • Aspects of the Polis 37
        • Cultural Extensions of the Political 39
        • Between Monarchy and Community 43
        • The Transformation of the Political: with Meier against Meier 45
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Peter Wagner: Professor of Social and Political Theory, Eur