Reading room

Reading room window has four major parts:

  1. Navigation stripe
  2. Publication details window
  3. Publication menu
  4. Reading window

1. Navigation stripe - contains the following:

  • searchbox - to search in the publication
  • zoom
  • navigation buttons: go to the previous/next page
  • current page - where you can enter the page number you wish to go to (confirm it by pressing enter on your keyboard)
  • cite button - cites current page
  • add to My resources - where you can add publication to your resources (in selected folder)
  • download - you can download publication in selected format (option depends on the publisher)
  • print
  • full screen

2. Publication details window - contains main details of the publication, such as: title, author(s), publisher, number of pages, subject, and more.

3. Publication menu - contains six modules:

  • Results - shows results of your search, sorted by page or relevance
  • TOC (Table of contents) - Clicking on chapter takes you to that chapter
  • Annotations - shows the list of annotations and notes, made in the publication text; by clicking on annotation or note you can get to the page where that annotation/note has been made.
  • Tags - shows list of tags for the publication
  • Download - where you can download publication in selected format (option depends on the publisher)
  • Export - where you can export bibliographic data in selected format

You can show/hide left panel (Publication details & Publication menu) by clicking "show/hide left panel" button.

4. Reading window - where you can read publication

The reading window has its own context menu (right button click on your mouse):


Context menu has four options:

  • Selection - with it you can remember selected part of the pubication (you can find it in Annotations section in Publication menu)
  • Note - similar to Selection, but you can add your notes for each selected part of the publication
  • Citation - allows you to export selected part of the publication (with bibliographic data)
  • Search in - searches selected part of the publication in diffrent search machines (such as Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc.)