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Kronos. Philosophical Journal

Częstotliwość: 1 nr rocznie Wydawnictwo: Fundacja Augusta hr. Cieszkowskiego Język publikacji: Angielski ISSN: 2392-0963 Kategoria: Literature & literary studies Philosophy Indeks wydawcy: - Nota bibliograficzna: -


The philosophical quarterly Kronos was established in 2007 by scholars connected with the University of Warsaw and the University of Białystok. Metaphysics, the philosophy of politics, the philosophy of literature and religion, history of psychoanalysis comprise the thematic scope of the journal. The editors of the quarterly strive to familiarize the Polish reader with new translations and commentaries of classic works (Plato, Joachim of Fiore, Nicholas of Cusa, Shakespeare, Schelling, the Schlegel brothers, Heidegger and many others), as well as the work of contemporary philosophers.

The annual Kronos Philosophical Journal (in English) was established in 2012 as a companion edition to the quarterly, to supplement it, yet without repeating the content of the Polish edition. The papers presented in the annual might be of interest to the readers from outside Poland, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the dynamic thought of contemporary Polish authors, as well as entirely new topics, rarely discussed by English speaking authors. One of the issues published so far contained passages from previously unknown lectures by Leo Strauss on Aristotle; another issue was dedicated to the Russian phenomenologist Gustav Shpet. The current issue deals with complex interactions between philosophy and literature, and the upcoming one will be dedicated to the contemporary reception of Martin Heidegger’s work.